“Dr. Felice not only is very knowledgeable about alternative cures, he educates me to make better choices in in my everyday life. Also, I had serious neck issues when I started seeing him that I thought I was going to need surgery for. Dr. Felice was able to get me back to feeling well again, in a lot less time than I ever imagined.”


“Dr. Felice not only tells me which natural medicines to use for ailments, he tells me why they work.”


“He takes into account the many different factors of a situation, and then formulates a treatment plan that the patient is a part of.”


“Dr. Felice is really great at looking at a person’s health holistically. He has a deep understanding of the interrelatedness and balance of all the body’s various parts and how they are supposed to perform in various activities. He frequently finds that a pain or dysfunction in one area is caused by an imbalance somewhere else and provides helpful and practical information, bodywork, and nutritional or herbal support to restore the balance and eliminate the problem. He has great practical knowledge of effective nutritional and herbal products and how to treat long-term inflammatory conditions. Above all, I appreciate the full attention and thoroughness he provides at every session.”


“More than anything else, his treating of the whole person, not just the individual ailments. All health care practitioners pay lip service to this goal but just about none of them succeed for various reasons. In my experience, Dr Felice has been more effective at this than anyone else I’ve seen.”


“I had an initial exam with him where he found things I was aware of that no other health care practitioner had ever noticed. I had prepared a laundry list of various ailments which I prioritized by severity/importance from top to bottom. After a few sessions with him, I felt better than I had in a long time- most of my minor ailments had improved- tennis elbow, shoulder tendonitis, arthritis in my hands (fingers and especially L. thumb), metatarsalgia, etc. I’d have to say that overall he’s the single most effective health care practitioner in any modality that I know.”
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