Naturopathic Medicine

Physicians who listen are physicians who heal.  Naturopathic medicine is a holistic approach to health and healing that recognizes the integrity of you the patient as a whole human being. The naturopathic physician respects and enhances the intelligence of the natural healing processes that all living organisms possess.  Naturopathic medicine emphasizes treatment of disease through the stimulation, and support of your body’s inherent healing capacites.  All licensed naturopathic physicians study primary care medicine and are trained to work with conventionally trained physicians as well as alternative healers to support you as a whole person.


The practice of naturopathic medicine emerges from six underlying principles of healing. These principles are based on the objective observation of the nature of health and disease, and are continually reexamined in light of scientific analysis. It is these principles that distinguish the profession from other medical approaches:


  1. The Healing Power of Nature. Vis medicatrix naturae
  2. Identify and Treat the Cause. Tolle causam
  3. First, Do No Harm. Primum no nocere
  4. Treat the Whole Person. The Multifactorial Nature of Health and Disease
  5. The Physician as Teacher. Docere
  6. Prevention.Prevention is the Best “Cure”
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