How much does your doctor know about cancer and cannabis?

How much does your doctor know about cannabis? Physicians who are cannabis experts get better results for their patients. You won’t get quality information about how best to use cannabis as an adjunct to help cancer treatment from a 5-minute robo-signing cannabis doctor. This report shows that dosage and delivery methods matter when treating certain types of cancers. Not all cannabis products are equally safe or effective, so patients need specific help in what types of products to look for and how to use them. Check out this excerpt from the article.356446

“Cannabinoid resin extract is used as an effective treatment for ALL with a positive Philadelphia chromosome mutation and indications of dose-dependent disease control. The clinical observation in this study revealed a rapid dose-dependent correlation.”

A proper cannabis recommendation requires more than just a few minutes of a doctor’s time and includes information on cannabinoid content, strain selection, and delivery methods. If you know someone who is not getting this information from their doctor, they’re not getting a true cannabis consultation and are missing information on the full value and healing potential of the plant.

In health,  -Dr. Jake Felice

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