Announcing NO SET FEES for patients with advanced cancer or who are under hospice care

Photo by Gena Azar

Photo by Gena Azar

Dear friends, I am now offering ALL of my services with NO SET FEE for patients who have advanced CANCER or who are under HOSPICE CARE. These patients can pay WHATEVER THEY CAN AFFORD even if it is $0. I am so happy to be able to do this. Patients can reach me at 206-795-6044 or through my website at here at

Before entering medical school, I was a hospice volunteer, giving shiatsu and cranial sacral treatments to hospice patients in northern New Mexico and southwestern Colorado.  I had the great privilege of studying with Joan Halifax while living in Santa Fe.  I think that my two years of doing bodywork with these patients profoundly influenced the arc of my medicine, and I feel a call to return to healing roots by being of service to this group of people who are in most need.

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