Medical cannabis helps 6 year old boy with seizures

Cannabis childMedical cannabis helps a 6 year old boy with seizures.  Physicians prescribed 22 pills a day, which partially controlled the seizures but left 6 year old Jayden immobilized due to the side effects.  Anti-seizure medications have serious side effects including potential long-term effects on child IQ.  At his wit’s end, the father gave his son a liquid, non-psychoactive form of cannabis. For the first time since he was an infant, Jayden went through a whole day without a seizure.  For more than a year, medical cannabis has helped the boy with his seizures.

It is important thing to note that this boy was given a non-psychoactive strain, one that does not give the child a head high because it is low in THC, though high in other cannabinoids such as CBD. I currently have many patients who are controlling their seizures extremely well using low doses of liquid cannabis tinctures.  Strain selection and delivery methods are critical information that physicians should be providing for patients to ensure that they get the full value and healing potential from medical cannabis.


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  1. Vera says:

    My daughter have been suffering from epilepsy from the age of 2 and have lost her memory, we have being trying to cure her with different medication prescribed by doctors but no cure and she is 10 years now. 4 months ago i was told that with cannabis oil high in CBD can cure this disease and i gave it a trial and reach out for cancer centre London ( ) to acquire the oil and started with the medication immediately but to my greatest happiness after taking the oil for a month there was a lot of changes and the numbers of seizures a day greatly reduced and as at now she is completely healthy and normal again. The family is so happy.

    Vera Dane
    United Kingdom

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