Raw juiced cannabis provides green healing without smoke or sedation

The juice of raw cannabis provides unique healing benefits.  Plant chemicals known as cannabinoid acids such as CBD-acids, and THC-acids break down quickly after harvest, so these compounds are not available in traditional preparations such as cooked ‘medibles’, smoking, or vaporizing.

The healing benefits of cannabinoid-acids are only present for a short period of time before the chemicals break down, so juicing needs to be done quickly after harvest.  Fan leaves should make up the majority of the juice, and adding a small amount of cannabis flowers can be beneficial.  Cannabis roots can also be added to the mixture as cannabis roots contain CBD, even in non-CBD producing plants!

Cannabinoid acids have amazing properties including anti-inflammatory properties, nerve protecting properties, and pain relieving properties.  In raw preparations, the THC has not been heat-activated so there is not the intense sedation that is found in conventional edibles such as pot brownies.  This allows for patients to take much higher doses of cannabinoids without the overly sedating effects that would otherwise be a concern.  Raw cannabis shows promise for patients with neurological diseases such as MS, as well as for chronic pain suffers, cancer patients, and patients with autoimmune disease such as Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, Lupus, and rheumatoid arthritis.

My patients are having fabulous success with raw juiced cannabis.  The juice can be frozen to save preparation time.  The freezing is typically done in ice cube trays, though it can also be blended with other juices such as apple juice and made into popsicles.  Though it’s not yet being done, there is also potential to get the healing benefits of cannabinoid-acids from fresh freeze-dried preparations in capsule form.  Topical application of a raw cannabis poultice is also very effective for pain from neuropathy, as well as musculoskeletal pain including arthritis pain.

Plants with high CBD content are best for juicing as they contain more CBD-acids than non-CBD producing strains.

Because of Washington state’s medical cannabis law, patients are allowed to grow up to 15 cannabis plants for their medical use.  This means that patients in Seattle and throughout the state can have affordable, safe, and effective medicine for their own personal use without relying on more costly drugs with higher toxicity and side-effect profiles.

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9 Responses to Raw juiced cannabis provides green healing without smoke or sedation

  1. CannaMin says:

    I would like to thank Dr. Jake Felice for providing this wonderful, revolutionary information to the public. Learning about how cannabis can be used in a healthy responsible manner that has no psychoactive effects is a life changing discovery.

    In California, Canna Culture Collective provides medical marijuana patients with a unique new beverage that is changing the way patients think of medical marijuana. CannaMin combines the benefits of organic fruits and vegetables, and Cannibinoid Acids. Currently, the drink is proving to help patients with a very wide range of ailments from neuropathy to obesity, promoting homeostasis in every level of biological life.

    We all have an ENDOCANNABINOID SYSTEM, feed it!

  2. alyx says:

    Raw Cannabis is the best medicine! Dietary Cannabis Juicing, Sprouting, Micro-greens and Cannabinoid Boiling point dosing info:www.rawhemp.tk

  3. Great to see this article from a medical practitioner. I am a licensed hemp farmer in Ireland and this year we juiced some of our hemp crop. Hemp has been bred for low THC and consequently hemp varieties of Cannabis have higher CBDa levels than the smoking varieties. We have a good stock of hemp juice at economical food prices available now for people in Europe. We will make it available next year if we can get this years harvest moving. Our site is http://healing-with-hemp.com/hempjuice.php

    • admin says:

      Thanks for this great information Marcus, what a beautiful website you have. Please look me up when your products make it to the great state of Washington, USA. The whole concept of juicing hemp and cannabis excites me when I think about the benefits my patients could receive if they juiced more. I believe that these raw juiced products should be considered as foods rather than drugs, as neither raw hemp nor raw cannabis contain THC. Rather they contain THC-acids which possess healing properties and are not psychoactive. This means that people can receive much higher doses of the plant’s healing properties than through any of the other of the traditional cannabis delivery methods. -Dr. Jake Felice http://www.drjakefelice.com/services/whole-plant-consultations/

  4. Dirk says:

    Should roots be run through blender r juicer

    • admin says:

      Roots should be washed thoroughly and are best run through an industrial strength juicer such as a Champion juicer. Thanks for your question Dirk! -Dr. Jake Felice

  5. stephanie says:

    i will be juicing cannabis leaves soon and would like to know how many to use daily?and if i can freeze the juice as i have fibromyagia and want to see if it will benefit me thank you.

    • Dr. Jake Felice says:

      cannabis juice must be used fresh since many of the best compounds can break down quickly after harvest. a good way to preserve the fresh juice is by freezing in to ice cubes which can then be used at a much later time

  6. Dr. Jake Felice says:

    best to have juice from the flowers as their cannabinoid and terpene content are much higher

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