Sleep easy with Hops

It’s been a long day at the office; one of those nothing goes right the first time type of days and upon getting home a refreshing beer sounds great to start decompressing. This is not surprising since Hops, the active herb used to make beer, has been traditionally used for calming the stressed body.

The plant’s matured fruits called strobiles are small oval green cylinders that have been used medicinally for ailments such as relief from chronic insomnia, calming a nervous stomach, the restoration of appetite, as a diuretic, and as a painkiller. Hops are also used to help settle the “wired” feeling, whether it be from an excess of high energy or anxiousness. If you find yourself ready to stop takingĀ  a prescription sedative, you may find hops useful. Hops are stronger than other herbs used as sedative such as red clover, catnip, or chamomile.

Hops are highly potent in tincture form. Be mindful and careful after taking hops, as they make your reflexes sluggish, it is not recommended to drive or operate heavy machinery after taking hops, remember it is used as sedative. If you prefer not to ingest hops, try stuffing a pillow with dried hops and add lavender or another soothing, fragrant herb to the pillow mix. Replace the stuffing every few months as they lose potency.

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