Dandelion – Pesky Weed or Misunderstood Healer?

Dandelions, a sign of Spring’s arrival, is often singled out as a pesky weed to keep out of the perfectly trimmed lawn. However, Dandelion is an herbal gem to help anyone’s body function at 100%.

So why should you carefully plant dandelion around your home instead of doing everything to be rid of it?

To begin with, dandelion is a great medicinal food that is easy to integrate into your diet. Young, spring leaves are a delectable add in to your fresh salad. Autumn Dandelion root can be roasted and used as a coffee substitute. The entire plant can be brewed to make beer, while the flowers can be used to make wine. Doesn’t keeping Dandelion around sound better already?

This herb is particularly rich in vitamin A, but it also is a source of vitamins B, C, & E all located in those green leaves. As the plant matures, the leaves will become strong and bitter, hence a young spring leaf is best for your salad. Spring infusions of the leaf are good for blood, lymph, and liver cleanse. Dandelion greens and root are aide in dealing with skin eruptions such as acne. Be sure to be mindful of where you plant dandelion, away from areas where the family dog might not use it as marker. When foraging for Dandelion, be careful to not choose plants that have been doused with “weed-killing” chemicals.

The root is most commonly used for medicinal purposes. Dandelion root’s high inulin content is great for diabetics or other blood sugar imbalances. It also benefits chronic or acute liver problems, spleen, kidneys, and gall bladder functions. Dandelion is an excellent diuretic that is gentle and good for long term use. Tinctures make a good sedative. Women will find that dandelion root is good for their reproductive health. Dandelion root is usually harvested for tincturing or drying while the plant is in flower.

Dandelion’s medicinal properties are not the only reason why you should think about keeping dandelion around. Dandelions are an important bee flower and some countries, such as Canada, have fields dedicated to dandelions because of this. So whether it is because of the medicinal aid of the plant or your desire to help keep bees present on our planet, smile when you see those little yellow flowers, instead of wishing their existence from your lawn away.


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