Yarrow in flower in Seattle, WA

Yarrow in flower in Seattle, WA.   This is one of my favorite medicinal plants.  As a tea, yarrow is an excellent female balancing herb useful in amenorrhea, non-specific vaginal discharges and water retention.  Yarrow is highly antiseptic which means it is very useful in dealing with cuts and wounds.  Yarrow is also a styptic, which means that chemicals in the plant rapidly stop bleeding.  The leaves and flowers can be crushed and used to stop bleeding of cuts and wounds.

The tea can also be taken internally to reduce bleeding in the digestive tract and urinary system.  It can be very helpful for people with digestive disturbances such as stomach ulcers, bladder infections and kidney stones. Yarrow has many other uses and should be used in small amounts.

©2011   J. F. Felice, ND

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