Feverfew for migraine headaches

Feverfew is now in flower in Seattle.  Feverfew is used in migraine headaches, arthritis, colds and flu.  The whole flowering herb can be used. Feverfew is specific for nervous afflictions and pain related to unequal circulation causing ether too much or too little blood flow.  Migraines are a classic example of this problem as many migraine headaches are the result of changes in the amount of blood flow in the brain.  Other types of headache with this blood flow problem include hormonal headaches, and caffeine withdrawal headaches.  The crude leaf is by far the best for treating migraines and must be used preventively on a long term basis to see results.

Feverfew can also be used as a moth and insect repellant for moths, which frequently invade grain stores and food cupboards!

Results of feverfew’s benefit for migraine headaches in double-blind placebo controlled studies can be seen here and here.

©2011   J. F. Felice, ND

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2 Responses to Feverfew for migraine headaches

  1. Leonardo Vargas says:

    Migraine suffer more than 15% of the global population and it is due to the different situations that people go during life. The pain of this disease can be controlled quickly because it can cause various people effects.

  2. Bruce Seitz says:

    Great information! This is very helpful! … especially for those who suffer from migraine headache, they need to know this. Their knowledge about the migraine headache will determine their actions and to care continue. And for those who are healthy will seek to prevent.

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