What’s the buzz? Medical cannabis doesn’t have to get patients high

The best cannabis for many medical users doesn’t need to make the patient get high to relieve many types of pain.  Most patients need to function well during their daytime activities and often don’t like to be slowed down by feeling high all of the time.  Low THC cannabis that contains high levels of a compound CBD and other natural cannabinoids can reduce or completely eliminate the side-effects of cannabis for most patients without getting them overly sedated.

It is the THC in cannabis that causes most negative side effects, including potential short term memory loss, anxiety, and paranoia.  Many of the other chemicals in marijuana called cannabinoids are what contribute most to the pain relieving aspect of this plant medicine. These chemicals don’t disrupt the mind, and are extremely effective at relieving certain types of pain, even pain that opiate medications such as oxycontin can’t touch.  Multiple peer reviewed studies also show that not only are the non-THC cannabinoids anti-inflammatory, they are cancer preventive as well.

Non-smoking options such as topical use and application of cannabis creams and oils can effectively treat local pain such as joint pain in arthritis, and muscle spasms in MS, while leaving the user free from unwanted side effects of sedation and cognitive impairment.


©2011   J. F. Felice, ND

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