Alcohol a ‘major cause of cancer’

A causal link exists between consumption of alcohol and cancers of the liver, colon, upper digestive tract and for breast cancer.  This study connects the dots between cancer and total alcohol consumption.  Many cases of cancer can be prevented if alcohol is limited to one drink per day in women and two drinks per day in men.  Even more cancer could be prevented by avoiding alcohol entirely.

Original study from the British Medical Journal referenced here.

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One Response to Alcohol a ‘major cause of cancer’

  1. Thanks you for sharing, sir. 🙂

    I stopped drinking alcohol entirely roughly 2 months ago when I started to get heavily involved in Bikram yoga practice (which is also full of cancer-prevention benefits). Cancer can hit anyone if we allow the proper conditions to develop. I’m thankful for my choice, not just for my body, but for how I feel about myself. I’d prefer to leave alcohol out!


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