Connective tissue is our body’s internet

Connective tissue is the tissue that connects all of our body’s cells together.  Think of a wall with bricks.  The bricks represent the cells, and the connective tissue is the mortar that holds the cells together giving shape to the wall.

Connective Tissue MatrixConnective Tissue Matrix 

Connective Tissue as Your Body’s Internet: Connective tissue is not just an inert glue-like substance like mortar, however.  It’s also kind of like our body’s internet.  Sometimes it is referred to as the connective tissue matrix.  This matrix is a dynamic web of communication and support system between all of our body’s cells, vital to all functions.  It is a body-wide system where all of the cells can send messages to each other.  For example, if a virus infects a cell in your body, the cell communicates this information through connective tissue to other cells including your immune system.  This mobilizes your immune response and gets your body ready to defend itself from the virus.

Every function and every process in the living body involves the connective-tissue-matrix in one-way or another!  For example, the matrix nourishes all cells in our body, and all waste products of cells pass through this matrix.  The very existence of all organ cells depends on the intact functioning of the system that guarantees a suitable environment for their existence.

Connective Tissue and Healing: Connective tissue forms the basis of our healing response.  When the body is injured it is the connective tissue that sounds the alarm and mobilizes the body’s defenses.  It begins the clotting of our blood, and is the source of the biochemicals that start the healing and repair processes.  In chronic disease, inflammation rages out of control in our body creating pain and preventing healing.  Long term chronic inflammation in the connective tissue contributes to and causes cancer, heart disease and stroke.

I believe that it is in the matrix that the causes and cures for so many systemic and chronic diseases can be found.  I see this everyday in my medical practice.  I also believe that it is in the matrix that the solution to the problem of cancer is likely to be found.  When patients in my medical practice adequately address issues of connective tissue, the healing response is freed, and the results can be amazing!

In health,

-Dr. Jake Felice


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