Connective tissue and chronic disease

Conventional modern medicine is generally failing in the treatment of chronic disease.  Though effective for acute or emergency conditions, modern medicine has little to offer people with long-term diseases such as multiple sclerosis, ulcerative colitis, IBS, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, or long term stress and pain.  Because of its one-track linear perspective, modern medicine too frequently merely treats the symptoms while ignoring the underlying cause.

When we approach chronic disease from the perspective of connective tissue, clarity arises as to what the proper approach should be.  Every chronic illness begins with a stress or disruption to the balanced state of health of the individual.  Instead of realizing the huge importance of health maintenance, modern medicine frequently turns a blind eye to these stressors.  Insurance companies trivialize older, reliable medicines or label them as uneconomical and don’t pay for the treatment.

In fact, disturbances of the balanced state of health including mental, social, and economic problems are rarely viewed as illnesses by the modern medical/insurance industry.  Instead they are put in a position of less importance than the chronic diseases that they can ultimately cause.

This is a classic example of putting the cart before the horse. Things like stress that affect our health before we actually become sick are more difficult, expensive, and time consuming to measure than the actual diseases themselves which can be comfortably and objectively measured and put into categories.  To a large degree, our medical system is ignoring early warning signs and only treating advanced diseases.  Unfortunately, this “objective” approach of comes at an immense monetary expense, and only benefits a relatively low number of sick or high risk patients.

The success of any medical intervention depends on preparing in advance the conditions for a normal healing process.  Failure to address the  connective tissue matrix dooms many of our “modern” treatments, as we ignore so many great numbers of people who have the beginning stages of systemic illnesses.  As time marches on, outrageously expensive “innovative” medications and surgeries are becoming even more and more expensive.  These “innovations” are being used not just where necessary, as their use has been extended to patients who do not even require them. This places a burden on our entire society. A sinister financial motive is lurking in the shadows here.

When we realize that our bodies are highly interlinked open systems, the wisdom of the matrix approach begins to unfold.  These philosophies are at the core of modern naturopathic medicine. I believe that it is in the connective tissue matrix that the causes and cures for many systemic and chronic diseases can be found.  I also believe that it is in the matrix that the solution to the problem of cancer is likely to be found. Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more blog posts….


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